British Bugs

This project came about in 2007 as a result of several groups on the photo-sharing utility Flickr. These provided an opportunity for interested parties to pool their images of British Hemiptera, with the intention of illustrating as many species as possible. The creation of an independent website to host this content was the next logical step, allowing a more structured identification resource to be developed.

Please feel free to email us with any identification queries, or if you have photos to contribute. We appreciate all feedback, which helps us to improve the quality of the site.

Tristan Bantock & Joseph Botting 2022

About the authors

Dr Joe Botting is a palaeontologist with a specialist interest in Hemiptera, in particular Auchenorrhyncha and the Psylloidea. He is the national organiser of the newly created Psyllid Recording Scheme.

Camera gear: Nikon D80, Sigma 105 mm macro lens
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Tristan Dr Tristan Bantock is an entomologist with a specialist interest in Hemiptera and a broad knowledge of most insect groups. He is the national organiser for the Shieldbugs & allies Recording Scheme and is available for entomological consultancy work, including identification of insect specimens.

Camera gear:
Canon 20D/40D/7D, Tamron 90 mm macro lens, Canon MP-E 65mm, Canon 430EX speedllite
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We are indebited to the following for invaluable help and discussion:

Bernard Nau and Sheila Brooke (national recorders for terrestrial and aquatic Heteroptera), Alan Stewart (national recorder for Auchenorrhyncha), Herbert Nickel, Lars Skipper

We would like to thank all the contributors to the Flickr groups, particularly those who have allowed their photos to be used here. Please follow the links to view more of their images:

Jason Elmore, Penny Frith,
Mick Talbot, Ashley Wood, Brian Valentine, Will George, Peter Birch, Jon Law, Adrian Royle, Julian Oliver, Jonathan Michaelson, Nigel Jones, Les BinnsWalwyn, Neil Phillips, David Dupplaw, Rachel Scopes, Laurence Livermore, Wesdigital, Shane Farrell, Sarah Barnes, Trevor Chapman, Jerry Clough, Margaret Holland, Brian Kilford, Noel Cornwall, Alison Edwards, Alby Oakshott, David GouldTim Ransom, Elizabeth Grimes, Darren BradleyDavid Longshaw, Phil Warner, Mark Dunkling, George Dunkling, John & Helen Hope, Richard Rogers, Bob Knight, Ian Beddison, John Jeffery, Ian Boyd, Stuart Read, Barry Stewart, Mick Massie, Steve TomlinsonRoger Key
Maria Justamond, Rob Coleman, Su Reed, Ian Tew, Mark Gurney, Jim Flanagan, Chris Kirby-Lambert, Simon Robson

Thanks also to the following for the use of their photos:

northeastwildlife, denisG photography, eakring wilidlifeToby Barton,
Bruce Williams, Peter Bolson, Laurence Counter, Jason Green, Steve Gill, Andrew Warne, Jon Doherty, John Bingham, Robin Webster, Rob Petley-Jones, Ian Thirlwell, Tony Witts, Jim Clark, Chris Raper, Paul Brock, Keith Lugg, Graeme Lyons, David Element, Amanda Hunter, Tim Haye (CABI), Colin Byford, Derek Binns, Stephen Plant, Martin Bell, Howard Burt, Chris Lawrence, Liam Olds, Gordon Jarvis, Rob Garrod, Stuart Foster, John Widgery